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 Breastimplants & dutch psychic Jomanda: The True Story

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Date d'inscription : 01/11/2006

MessageSujet: Breastimplants & dutch psychic Jomanda: The True Story   Mer 1 Nov - 3:11

Psychic Medium Jomanda -vs- Dutch Healthinspection (IGZ):
A Jihad based on Believe-Conviction: An Example casus ?
Europe, The Netherlands, 31 october 2006 - By Frank Eeken

On 20 august 2001 dutch famous actress Sylvia Millecam (45) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Millecam died due to sickness. During her road of suffering she had received treatment from and consulted several other alternative-medicine-practitioners (28 in total), besides regular medicine practitioners and Holland's most famous psychic faith-healer and personal friend Jomanda http://www.jomanda.nl/en/welkom.html .

Jomanda has been giving healings for 30 years. She's born with certain paranormal gifts which (combination) only a few people in the world possess: clairaudient, second-sighted (remote viewing), has clear-feelings (precognition), and the greater part is clear-knowing. She has healed and given (financial) aid to people around the world in many countries, such as Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Poland, Switzerland, Mallorca, Madeira, Moldavia, U.S.A, Canada, Honduras, Peru, Japan, Curacao, Aruba, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa, Ethiopia and Ghana. In some countries she is allowed on intensive cares in hospitals.

Regular medicine believed Sylvia Millecam, who in her life was very helpful and active for her fellow-humans especially the handicapped people, had breastcancer. Jomanda mentioned that cancer was not the case at first: the cause of her illness was an infection. Due to leakage of her sillicon-breasts implanted 12 years earlier, which may had lateron caused cancer. "It was the silicone which have eventually caused the cancer". Jomanda also mentioned to Sylvia that the silicone implants had to be taken out. Regulare medicine refused her this life-saving operation: "first chemotherapy, that is obligated". Sylvia did not want chemo and was left to her fate, and (alternative) choice.

The dutch Healthcare inspection (IGZ) http://www.igz.nl is a governmental organisation which job it is to maintain supervision on the performance of legal rules in healthcare. IGZ-Headinspector Herre Kingma, the most influential person in the dutch medical world (2003) and member of dutch Quackbuster organization 'Vereniging Tegen de Kwakzalverij', started a criminal like investigation against among others Jomanda: Death by guilt ? Keeping Sylvia Millecam away from life saving regular medicine treatment ? About the causing misleading negative role of the media (dutch TV-programma NOVA) cut out parts of Jomanda's words) dutch politics seemed not to doubt. From a report of a general meeting in Parliament ( 28 september 2001, balancesheet, ministry of health VWS, 2002) the government / Minister of Health answered: "The signals about Jomanda origins mainly from the media". After this first 'factual' investigation, based on the "alarming and disturbing news in the media", Jomanda was acquited of any blame (end december 2001).

Against Jomanda there wasn't a single complaint filed, which mostly is a foundation on which the IGZ (re)acts. But because (mainly about Jomanda) "the alarming news kept coming and direct signals came to the attention of the IGZ". headinspector Herre Kingma decided, maybe not quit satisfied with the outcome of the first investigation, to keep on going with this alternative-Jihad, and started a second followup-investigation, with the dirived goal "can the citizins of the Netherlands use alternative-medicine safe enough". In this followup-investigation Jomanda was heard and tapes of TV-programmes, in which Jomanda had appeared, were called in and 'investigated'. During these inquiry-conversations between Jomanda and IGZ, a Jomanda conducted miracle came to word: about someone with serious back-problems (lesion) who after a Jomanda-treatment stood up out of the wheelchair. A present doctor replied: "I know you are telling the truth, because that was my patient" ( newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad', Jomanda and the death of Sylvia, 24 december 2004, Allard Besse, translation see http://www.gatago.com/nl/politiek/10430639.html ). The second investigation was bound to head- and paperwork from behind a desk because when an investigator, at a Jomanda healing, was called by Jomanda to experience a healing treatment on one of Jomanda's healing-tables, for which most of Jomanda's visitors by manner of speech would kill for, the investigator refused. Neglecting a chance to bodily experience a Jomanda treatment. This followup-investigation eventually resulted in the IGZ-report 'The Care-granting to Sylvia Millecam - an example-casus': http://www.igz.nl/publicaties/rapporten/rapporten2004/35604

(* book by Alje Kamphuis, biografy 'Sylvia Millecam: op gevoel', 28 jan 2006).
While two different dates (20 and 21 august) of death of Sylvia Millecama are mentioned in the report (pg. 1, 9 en 70), the report according to Herre Kingma was "made with great accuracy not for the ones involved but for the Dutch government and thus for the Dutch people" *, but being silent about Jomanda's wheelchair-miracle and in which TV-programme NOVA was quoted a few times as a 'reliable source', was presented by Herre Kingma in person on 17 february 2004 in the national media, which created great media fuss and noice (mainly about Jomanda). A curious co-incidence: "a non-anonymous internal version of the report come into the hands of Dutch most watched newsprogramme NOS-journaal" *. Just like that, Out of the sky ? The report was also put online on the internet, for the whole world to read, without informing the family members of Sylvia Millecam beforehand since the report contained medical information about Sylvia Millecam. Sylvia's mother stated in dutch newspaper Trouw (21 febr 2004, by Eveline Brandt) that "If someone has to appear in court, it is not Jomanda, but the Headinspector Herre Kingma. He should be prosecuted"

The individual behind this IGZ-report about Sylvia Millecam had concluded that Jomanda from a "guru-position" had presented her "diagnosis" in a semi-religious atmosphere as an "unimpeachable judgement". Her working method was "lifeS-threatening". With these conclusions in hand, Herre Kingma decided for the second time to carry on with this alternative-Jihad. He informed (7 october 2004) the Public-Prosecution-Ministry with the intention to criminally prosecute Jomanda. Once again good business for the media, filling their headlines. Jomanda had become known as the 'murderer' of Sylvia Millecam: her friend !


While it is known in the Netherlands that a family doctor gave a medical referral / relegation to Jomanda-treatment, which is known by several political parties and the statesecretary of finance Wijn: negative imageforming of alternative-, Jomanda-medicine in an evil daylight ? Since the enormous (financial-, intangible-, public health-) damage already is suffered, prosecution of Jomanda is maybe not necessary anymore in the eyes of a few people, the Quackbuster-organizations and their believers, compared to the thousands of patients who could benefit from alternative-, Jomanda-mode of treatment. But in case of prosecution, insiders believe that then alternative jurisprudence is intentionally, willingly and knowingly, being created, since the Dutch laws still lack on alternative medicine.

This while already since the '50 one is occupied with rules for alternative medicine: Report Brutel de la Rievere, 1952. Report Commission Peters, 1965. Statecommission Medical Professionemploment , Commission de Vreeze, 1967, which in 1973 came with the proposal Law BIG and which in 1977 started under leadersship of prof. Dr. P. Muntendam the Commission Alternative Medicine (CAG) fromout which a famous report followed, with recommendations to the Government, and which report after fierce receival and publication was covered up http://www.centrumnatuurlijkgenezen.nl/pdf/alternatieve_geneeswijzen_anno_2001.pdfhttp://www.cfi-forums.org/viewtopic.php?t=1114
A recommondation was "As long as there is no Law for Practicing Alternative Medicine, alternative practitioners cannot be prosecuted unless their is deceit of brought about damage by unjust action". In 1983 the vast Government Commission of Health was in favor towards social recognition of alternative medicine. Since 9 nov 1993 the Law BIG started, 20 years !! after the Commission de Vreeze. The case Millecam thus, due to slowness and lack of law what Jomanda may never be brought upon since she has been active in the Netherlands for 30 years: How to fit an apple into a pear. Shameless using Sylvia Millecam's death as a motive. Goal: a total ban of Alternative Medicine ! The Netherlands: Alternative Ground Zero !?

If medium Jomanda had made a mistake about Sylvia Millecam's diagnosis, as the IGZ states, than that would imply, according to the same IGZ, that medium Jomanda's paranormal gifts are not-working correctly. Where is the scientific research, which Jomanda has been asking for for 30 years, from which can be rationally and justified concluded that Jomanda's paranormal gifts do not function right ? If one does not have such a research, than at first one can never make judgement that Jomanda made an error, because one can not know that because one does not know whether or not Jomanda's paranormal gifts work correctly. While for example Dr. Jessica Utts (University Californie http://anson.ucdavis.edu/~utts/ ), who worked on the US-government sponsered Stargate-project, after research (1973, 1989, between 1992 en 1994) concluded about gifts of mediums (anomalous Cognition), that "It is clear to this author that anomalous cognition is possible and has been demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria" http://anson.ucdavis.edu/~utts/air2.html. Utts also finds that "is is a waste of time, to continue this kind of reaearch, if it is only meant to find even more evidence. 'There is few expectations of continuesly handing over evidence, for those who are not willing to accept the presently available data.". Also The German biofysicus Fritz-Albert Popp http://www.biophotonen-online.de/biographie-popp.htm has tested, with the regular biofotonen-calculation-device, whether American healer Rosalyn Bruyere was capable to let light or energy come out of her hands. All these experiments were filmed and fotographed. So documented in all thinkable form. The scientist concluded that Bruyere, in contradiction of 'commen' people, was capable to intensify the foto-emission from her hands. Bruyere's hands were sending in many tests clearly more light, on the moments that she stated sending energy through her hands.
Thus secondly, by having no research in hand about Jomanda's paranormal gifts, that implies that one (IGZ) in the Netherlands wants to prosecute people only based on a believeconviction ! The Jihad agianst Jomanda / Alternative medicine !?

Sylvia Millecam was not a fool. She did not take anything for granted. On 11 may 2000 the family doctor notices that a tumor in her breast has grown bigger (3-4 cm), after she had visited him on 22 september 1999 (1-1,5cm) and when she was refered to a hospital where she didn't show up. This time she is again refered to a hospital for further research. In the hospital results confirm the suspicion of breastcancer. She wanted a second opinion. Lateron in may 2000 she visited Jomanda, who she had been in contact with, also as a friend, a long time before 2000. Jomanda does not see cancer at that time, Jomanda's hand started to shake above a part of Sylvia's right breast, "there lay the cause, silicone, they have to got out", thus Jomanda. On 8 june 2000 in a hospital (second opinion) the diagnosis breastcancer is determined. The treatmentplan starts with chemotherapy.

Sylvia Millecam did not want chemo because she doubted is this would extend her life, and because her father had died of an infection which regular medicine by accident thought was cancer, and he died of the treatment. There also was another bad experience with regular medicine in the family. After this Sylvia Millecam starts to look into more towards alternative medicine, with here and there some regular medicine visits, among others due to pressure of Jomanda.
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Breastimplants & dutch psychic Jomanda: The True Story
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